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Our Dogs

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Comet at 12.5 years of age


BVISS Ch. Tarnish's Artic Streak, CGC, WTD, WPD, WWPDX, RN

date of birth: 10 May 1995; date of death: 30 October 2007
DNA: V189453    OFA: AM-9416G25M    CHD: AMCA 10443    CERF: AM-1235/2004-107

Comet taking 4th in the 2005 Working Dog Showcase

Comet took 4th place in the 2005 National Specialty Working Dog Showcase, at 10.5 years of age.

Comet was our first malamute. He was a tireless and dynamic worker, excelling at everything he did. We learned so much from him and will always be thankful that we were able to share 12 years with him. We will always love and miss him.

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Ch. Tarnish's Mountain Majestic, CGC(2), TT, ThD, WPD, WWPDX, RN

date of birth: 15 June 1996; date of death: 23 June 2010
DNA: V213615    OFA: AM-11219E82M    CHD: AMCA 10464    CERF: AM-1236/2004-94

Glacier showing a beautiful free-baiting stack

This was the first of many backpacking trips with Glacier and our other dogs. Glacier had always proven himself a willing worker, whether backpacking, weightpulling, sledding, showing, or doing obedience or therapy work. He is missed more than we can say.

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Glacier and Rhyde on our first backpacking trip in 1998

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Hope at 8 years of age


Stonymtn Tessa's Gift of Hope, CGC, TT, WPD, WWPDX, RN

date of birth: 13 February 1999
DNA: V205308    OFA: AM-10985E50F    CHD: AMCA 11260    CERF: AM-1874/2003-48    Thyroid: AM-TH28/80F

Hope with her daddy Illamar at the 2000 National Specialty

Hope looks a great deal like her sire, Canadian Ch. Mighty Illamar. Here, you can see the family resemblance. This certainly pleases us as we fell in love with Illamar the first time we saw him!

Hope was our first female, and again, we learned a lot. She has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to please (except when she doesn't), and will do almost anything for food. A true malamute!

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Ch. Black Ice's Penny On T' Floor, CGC, TT, WTD, WPD

date of birth: 12 July 2003
DNA: V312560    OFA: AM-11843E27F / AM-EL302F27    CHD: AMCA 12817    CERF: AM-2139/2009-74    Thyroid: AM-TH58/50F

Penny in full coat and showing well

Penny is our foundation bitch and has proven herself to be a very capable, excellent mother. She has a wonderful temperament and a strong desire to please. She's done everything that we've asked of her...except weight pulling. That's ok!

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Penny at 8 wks showing the promise of the beautiful girl she would become

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Asik primping at a show


Arctic Hope's 1st In My Heart, TT, WTD

date of birth: 16 June 2006
DNA: V429246    OFA: AM-12491E26F / AM-EL450F26    CHD: AMCA 13239    CERF: AM-2558/2009-39    Thyroid: AM-TH59/15F

Leesa and Asik at a puppy play date

Asik (Inuit for "dear one") is from Penny's first litter and displays many of the best qualities of her sire and dam. She has a playful, energetic, sweet temperament. She loves to please, but only if she doesn't have to work at it too hard. She has a lot of drive, and she's turning into a very capable lead dog!

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Arctic Hope's Double T'Lead, CGC(2), ThD, TT, WTD, WPD

date of birth: 13 March 2008
DNA: V523102     OFA: not done yet     CHD: AMCA 13635     CERF: AM-2918/2009-18     Thyroid: not done yet

Ixarri at almost 4 months

Ixarri (Inuit for "lead dog") is from Penny's second litter and possesses all the things that I wanted from this breeding with Tekoya: good pigment, dark eyes, beautiful coat and tail, size and substance, beautiful feet, and a wonderful temperament. He is a calm, confident, curious, playful young dog. He's proving himself in the show ring, as well as on the trail!

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Ixarri placed in the ribbons every time he showed at his first National Specialty. He's 7.5 months old in this photo.


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